Our print house is one of the ways we save your business time and money. The production of artwork is one of the most time-consuming aspects when it comes to printing and cutting graphics. There are so many steps involved before a job is ready for application.

To assist you, we have created one of the most technological advance print studios. This will help ensure that you meet your customer deadlines on time by not running yourself or your staff thin.

At your disposal, you have:

Our Machines

Roland True VIS Large Format Printers

  • With both 7 colour (magenta; Cyan; Yellow; Orange; Light Black; Green and Black) & 4 colour (magenta, yellow, cyan, black) Roland True VIS printers, we are able to offer you one of the most comprehensive colour bands around to ensure that your printing stands out from the crowd.
  • Print Width: 1.6m
  • Print Resolution: 1200 DPI
  • Inks: Eco-Solvent

Roland Large Format Plotters

  • Cut Width: 1.6m
  • This is the process where we use a computer-controlled blade to cut the desired shapes, patterns and lettering on your chosen signage material.

Hot and Cold Laminator

  • Lamination Width: 1.6m
  • Max Thickness supported: 35mm
  • An additional service to help in the protection, preservation and enhancement of your printed signage material. A clear layer of vinyl is applied to your printed graphic which does not affect the actual image.

3 Types of Printing Styles

Full Colour Printing

Grey Scale Printing

Colour Splash Effect Printing

The difference between RGB colours and CMYK Colours for printing – RGB colours are used mostly by web designers and on digital screens. These colours work in light and are great if you have a dark screen. CMYK is the universal standard in the print industry. Below is an example of the colour difference between CMYK and RGB

Services Include

Design Work

Having a team of qualified designers to assist you with the creation of artworks will save you time and allow you to focus on other aspects of your business.

High Quality Images

We use only the best quality images found on Shutterstock for any job. You can have a peace of mind knowing the end result will be of the highest quality


We offer free courier nation wide, with a number of delivery options to suit your needs.

  • After your design is printed and cut using one of our machines, your artworks go through a weeding process.
  • Weeding is a process where you remove the unwanted material leaving only the design behind.
  • We can mask your artwork, making it easier to apply to your chosen surface.
  • Masking is a paper or plastic film that can be placed on the top of the sticker or piece of vinyl to make the sticker easier to apply. Application tape allows the installer to see exactly where they are placing the sticker on a surface.
  • The application tape sticks to the front side of the vinyl lifting it off the vinyl backing so it can be applied.



This is a process of removing the cut out design from a vinyl sheet, leaving the rest of the material behind.

Reverse Weeding

This is a process of removing the material around a design from a vinyl sheet, leaving the cut out design behind.


This is a process of printing directly on a Vinyl sheet, with the colours of your choice.