Our product range is vast and we can easily adapt products and tailor them specifically to your requirements. Our experienced team will guide you through the process. To assist us in the process, information that you should have on hand include:
    • – The Design Code(s) that you like (each of our images comes with a unique design code)
    • – The application surface that you will be applying the artwork. i.e. Glass, wall or automotive
    • – Size of the artwork.
    • – The type of material you need i.e. wallpaper, canvas, static material, floor material, window decor, one way vision, vehicle wrap, signage
    • – The services that you require.

Please note: Few Surfaces are truly vertical. To avoid this, unless otherwise stated, All artwork will be printed with a 15mm bleed (over-sized) all the way around unless requested otherwise. All that is left for you to do is trim of the excess during installation.

As soon as we receive your order, we will get straight to work . Our Design team will check the artwork to make sure if it fits and looks how it should. They then send you a proof via email for you to check over and give the green light. From there it is all systems go to bring your artwork to life. Once made, we check it over, ensuring the quality of the product is good as it possibly be, before packaging and couriering it to your door.

We will always be a phone call or email away should you have any questions about the process.

Our Services include:

    • – Eco -Solvent Printing
    • – UV Printing
    • – Weeding & Masking
    • – Lamination
    • – Substrate UV Printing
    • – Automotive Pre-Cuts of Window Film
    • – Designer Consultations